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OPT Formula

You’ll learn:

  • The 3 Steps to Building Fast Cash Flow (this will get you all the cash you need to start outsourcing right away.)
  • How to get 10 hours of work a day done in 3 hours or less.
  • Exactly what to outsource and in what order (this starts with the 5 common tasks you’re probably wasting your time on now… and then lays out a simple plan to build your virtual business from there.)
  • 4 ironclad ways to protect your personal information so you’re 100% safe.
  • How to generate massive amounts of traffic through SEO, blogs, and online ads… without doing any of the repetitive work yourself.
  • The best outsourcing websites on earth to find quality contractors at the lowest rates.
  • How to instantly filter out 80% of “time-wasting” applicants so you only deal with the best freelancers.
  • The 3 simple questions to ask your freelancers that guarantee maximum productivity.
  • How to “monitor” your freelancers to make sure they’re staying on task (and how to get them to deliver the work to you BEFORE they get paid!)
  • How to guarantee you never get “ripped off” (I’ll teach you how to negotiate the best prices and list “standard” rates for different jobs.)

The O.P.T. Formula will show you ALL of this plus much, much more.


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